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Suarez = Style Of Play

  • Friday, October 31, 2014
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    Beside I create Luis Suarez Biography also Style of Play of Suarez.

    Suarez creates chances to score with a powerful shot, and aerial ability "remarkable technical ability". Harry Redknapp said that Suarez could play anywhere, as a target man or as a second striker behind, Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez Suarez "great striker, elite players between the striker in the world", and also Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish said that, "he's smart, he's got a fantastic education at Ajax. "

    Former Liverpool striker John Aldridge is said that his ability allows him to get into position to score and avoid defenders, Suarez has been praised for the level of creation, and also the speed which allows him to attack from the outside, and he also created chances to score for his teammates.

    With him dribble shimmy and ability to bring the ball past the opponent's leg makes him one of the best in the Premier League. Former Ajax coach Marco van Basten is criticized Suarez because of the tendency to produce a yellow card. Van Basten said that he had a strained relationship with Suarez, although he admits, "Luis is unpredictable, he is difficult to influence but that's what makes him special."

    Luis Suarez can become dominant but failed to convert his business into goals. Although due to weaknesses, Suarez out of the Ajax management, namely coach Martin Jol appointed him captain because Jol believes that Suarez could transfer his mentality and attitude to the team. Luis Suarez has also been widely accused of diving.

    Her manager, colleagues and various analysts commented that this reputation that has led to the referee is not easy to give a penalty to him. In January 2013, Luis Suarez has admitted diving in a match against Stoke in October 2012.

    This led to manager Brendan Rodgers commented that his actions were "unacceptable" and he will be dealt with "internally" by the club ..
    In December 2013, the site of Spanish football El Gol Digital has given a rating of 5 to Luis Suarez in the list of the dirtiest players in the world.

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