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Pedro Profile

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  • Pedro Picture
    Today football player And Teams With Pedro Profile

    Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma or more fondly known as Pedro was born in Santa Cruz, Spain, July 28, 1987, is is a Spanish football player who plays as a winger. Currently Pedro joined Barcelona. Pedro also plays for the Spanish national team.

    It's Pedro Bio

    Full Name: Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma
    Date of Birth: 28 July 1987
    Place of Birth: Santa Cruz, Spain
    Height: 1.69 m / 5 ft 7
    Position: Winger
    Current club: Barcelona
    No: 17

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    Youth career
    2003-2004: San Isidro
    2004-2007: Barcelona

    Senior career
    2007-2009 Team: Barcelona B Shown: 55 Goals: 17
    2007- Teams: Barcelona Shown: 43 Goals: 12

    Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma

    National Team
    2008 Team: Spain U-21 Shown: 2 Goals: 0
    2010- Team: Spain Shown: 4 Goals: 1

    Career Club

    Pedro playing at Barcelona B since 2007, before rising to the level of the current club is Barcelona. During the 2-year career with Barcelona B, Pedro played 55 times and scored 17 goals.
    Until now, Pedro has played 43 times and scored 12 goals for Barcelona.

    International Career

    Pedro played 2 times for the national team U-21 Spain. Pedro also has played four times and scored one goal for the senior Spanish national team. Pedro included in the Spain squad at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

    Pedro Pictures

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    Jordi Alba Profile

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  • Jordi Alba Picture
    Jordi Alba Ramos or in the know Jordi Alba was born in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain, March 21, 1989, is a citizen of a Spanish footballer who currently plays for FC Barcelona and play-back position.

    It's  Jordi Alba Profile :

    Full Name: Jordi Alba Ramos
    Date of birth: March 21, 1989
    Place of Birth: L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain
    Height: 1.70 m / 5 ft 7
    Position: Defender
    Current club: Barcelona
    No: 18

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    Career Junior

    1998-2005: Barcelona
    2005-2007: Cornella
    2007: Valencia

    Senior career

    2007-2008 Team: Valencia B Shown: 18 Goals: 5
    2008-2012 Team: Valencia Shown: 74 Goals: 5
    2008-2009 Team: Gimnastic (loan) Shown: 35 Goals: 4
    2012- Teams: Barcelona Shown: 32 Goals: 2

    The national team

    2006 Team: Spain U-19 Shown: 6 Goals: 1
    2009 Team: Spain U-20 Shown: 9 Goals: 0
    2008-2011 Team: Spain U-21 Shown: 4 Goals: 0
    2011- Team: Spain Shown: 424 Goals: 5

    Jordi Alba

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    Daniel Alves da Silva Career

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  • Daniel Alves da Silva
    Daniel Alves da Silva or Daniel Alves was born in Juazeiro, a city in the Brazilian state of Bahia, his father named Domingos Alves Da Silva, is a farmer. Alves playing football with the neighborhood kids.

    Alves father namely Domingo also has a passion for the game of football interest, and finally managed to organize their own football team. Alves, at the age of 10, began as a winger, but because of the lack of goals made, his father restore its position as a right-back, who still wore this position till now.  Alves worked as farmers or traders when still young.

    It's Daniel Alves da Silva Career :

    Club career

    Dani Alves made his professional debut for Esporte Clube Bahia in a game against Paraná Clube, for Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A 2001 Bahia won 3-0, with Alves providing two assists and scored a penalty.

    Evaristo de Macedo coach proceeded to give him a starting place in the team since then. Consistency good work eventually led him to offer in the transfer market, initially on loan to Spanish club Sevilla FC, half-season in 2002.


    After 2002-2003, Alves on loan to Sevilla from Bahia, Alves traveled to play in the FIFA World Youth Championship in 2013 where Alves impressed as Brazil won the tournament. Alves referred to as the third best player in the tournament and after that, his status as a Sevilla player becomes permanent.

    June 2006, Sevilla agreed to sell Alves to Liverpool, but they were unable to match their asking price of about £ 8 million.
    December 2006, Alves signed a new contract with Sevilla, tying Alves at the club until 2012.
    Alves wading successful 2006-2007 season, Alves made 47 appearances and scored five goals Alves. Alves also always played in every one of the UEFA Cup matches followed Sevilla, including when the club won the UEFA Cup.

    Over in Spain, Alves also obtained Spanish citizenship, allowing him to bypass the restrictions on non-EU quotas and liberate Alves needs a work permit to play in any EU country.
    August 1, 2007, Alves told SporTV that he wants to leave Sevilla for the giant to Europe, then repeated his desire to leave Sevilla to Marca, stating that he was flattered by Chelsea's interest and that he could never resist an opportunity like that. In an interview with Antena 3 on August 8, Dani Alves insists that his agent has been in the UK for some time in the handling of Chelsea's offer, urging Sevilla to at least consider the offer.

    August 16, 2007, Sevilla reject Chelsea bid, six days later, rejected two bids from Chelsea for Dani Alves, and remind bidders as "far below what was expected". Alves then expresses his dismay with Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido has been foiled back because Chelsea bid for his services after his move to Stamford Bridge ground, which then Chelsea have signed fellow Brazilian defender Juliano Belletti for a much lower cost.

    After the war of words between Alves and del Nido and the death of teammate Antonio Puerta, Alves decided to stay with Sevilla, with the player and the president agreed to make peace.

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    July 2, 2008, Daniel Alves joined FC Barcelona. Alves left Sevilla in tears and said that he would love to play for Sevilla again. Alves said that he came to Sevilla as a boy and now left as a human being, but then began to cry again at a press conference. The official price stood at £ 23 million transfer in the front, with around £ 7 million more will be paid depending on a number of factors related to performance over the next few seasons of his career Alves in Barcelona.

    Making it the world's most expensive defender and the third most expensive player bought by Barca. And Alves signed a four-year contract with Barcelona, which includes a buy-out clause of € 90 million. Alves made his competitive debut and the European debut for Barcelona against Wisła Kraków in the 2008-2009 UEFA Champions League qualifying third round on August 13, 2008. Alves made his debut in La Liga season opener when playing away to CD Numancia on August 31, 2008.

    Daniel Alves missed UEFA 2009 Champions League final because of yellow card accumulation. Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0 and thus simultaneously achieve treble.
    Personal life and the target of racist 27 April 2014 Alves being targeted by fans Villarreal, who threw bananas at him. Alves took the banana, peel, and bite.

    He responded to the incident by saying: "We have experienced this in Spain for some time. You have to respond with a dose of humor. We may not be able to change it but we can joke and laugh about. If you do not respond to important, they will not achieve their goals." Response teammate that Neymar, posted a photo of herself in social media also eat bananas - become viral. Other players since it also took pictures of him with poses by eating bananas.

    Cyrille Regis, who had also been the target of racist when played in the 1970s and 80s, expressed concern that the campaign would detract from the important issues to combat racism in the game.
    Alves said that anyone who threw a banana to him should be publicly humiliated. And 30 April 2014 a man was arrested in connection with the incident.

    Daniel Alves had previously suffered racist taunts in Spain. Alves complained of racial harassment after being ridiculed by monkey chants during the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey Real Madrid in 2013.

    Campeonato do Nordeste: 2 2001, 2002
    Campeonato Baiano: 1 2001
    Sevilla UEFA Cup: 2 2005-2006, 2006-2007
    European Super Cup: 1 2006
    Copa del Rey: 1 2006-2007
    Supercopa de España: 1 2007
    Barcelona La Liga: 3 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011
    Copa del Rey: 1 2008-2009
    Supercopa de España: 3 2009, 2010, 2011
    Champions League: 2 2008-09, 2010-11
    European Super Cup: 2 2009, 2011
    FIFA Club World Cup: 1 2009
    Brazil FIFA World
    Youth Championship: 1 2003
    Copa América: 1 2007
    FIFA Confederations Cup: 1 2009

    Individual Career

    UEFA Cup Most Valuable Player: 1 2006
    European Super Cup Most Valuable Player: 1 2006
    FIFPro World XI: 1 2009
    ESM Team Year: 4 2006-2007, 2008-2009, 2009-10, 2010-2011
    UEFA Team of the Year: 2 2007, 2009
    Best La Liga defenders: 1 2009

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    Claudio Bravo Profile

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  • Claudio Bravo Picture
    Claudio Andrés Bravo Muñoz or known Claudio Bravo, born in Viluco, Chile 13 April 1983 is is a Chilean professional football player who currently plays for FC Barcelona in La Liga and the Chilean national team, which plays as a goalkeeper.

    Claudio Bravo spent most of his career with Real Sociedad in Spain, appearing in 237 official games with the club.
    Claudio Bravo began playing football in 2002 with Colo-Colo.

    Bravo represented Chile in two World Cup tournaments and also in three Copa América. Bravo also served as captain of Chile.

    It's  Claudio Bravo Bio :

    Full Name: Claudio Andrés Bravo Muñoz
    Date of Birth: 13 April 1983
    Place of Birth: Viluco, Chile
    Height: 1.85 m / 6.1
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Club: Barcelona
    No: 13

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    Youth career


    Senior career

    2002-2006 Team: Colo-Colo Shown: 113 Goals: 0
    2006-2014 Team: Real Sociedad Shown: 229 Goals: 1
    2014- Teams: Barcelona Shown: 0 Goals: 0

    Claudio Bravo

    National Team

    2004 Team: Chile U-23 Shown: 7 Goals: 0
    2004- Team: Chile Shown: 82 Goals: 0

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    Daniel Alves Profile

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  • Daniel Alves Picture
    Daniel Alves da Silva = Daniel Alves was born in Juazeiro, Brazil, May 6, 1983, is a Brazilian football player who currently plays as an attacking right defender for FC Barcelona and the Brazilian national team.

    Before joining Barcelona, Alves spent six years of success with Sevilla, winning two UEFA Cup success and the Copa del Rey with the Andalusian team.
    Daniel Alves joined Barcelona for € 32.5 million, and became the third most expensive defender of all time.
    Daniel Alves won the Treble in his first season with the club, and in the next season he won the Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

    Daniel Alves also helped the club to reach the Spanish Super Cup, two league titles, the Champions League and also in subsequent years.
    Alves has been holding a Spanish passport since 2005.

    29 September 2011, Alves was appointed as an ambassador for the Special Olympics Global Football Program company, charged to promote respect and include them into football for people with intellectual disabilities, especially in the run up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
    It's  Daniel Alves Profile :

    Full Name: Daniel Alves da Silva
    Date of Birth: May 6, 1983
    Place of Birth: Juazeiro, Brazil
    Height: 1.70 m / 5 ft 7
    Position: Left
    Current club: Barcelona
    No: 2

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    Career Junior

    Team: Juazeiro

    Daniel Alves

    Senior career

    2001-2002 Team: Bahia Shown: 25 Goals: 2
    2002-2008 Team: Sevilla Shown: 175 Goals: 11
    2008- Teams: Barcelona Shown: 146 Goals: 12

    National Team

    2006- Team: Brazil Shown: 59 Goals: 5

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    Marc-Andre Profile

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  • Marc-Andre
    Marc-Andre ter Stegen or known Marc-Andre was born in Monchengladbach, April 30, 1992, is is a German footballer who plays as a goalkeeper.

    It's Marc-Andre Profile :

    Full Name: Marc-Andre ter Stegen
    Date of birth: 30 April 1992
    Place of Birth: Monchengladbach, Jermam
    Height: 1.89m / 6.2 inc
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Currently club: FC Barcelona
    Number: 1

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    Career Junior

    1996-2010: Borussia Monchengladbach

    Senior career

    2009-2011 Team: Borussia Monchengladbach II Shown: 18 Goals: 0
    2010- Team: Borussia Monchengladbach Shown: 45 Goals: 0

    National Team

    2008-2009 Team: German U-17 Shown: 11 Goals: 0
    2009-2010 Team: German U-18 Shown: 4 Goals: 0
    2010-2011 Team: German U-19 Shown: 5 Goals: 0
    2012- Team: German U-21 Shown: 1 Goals: 0
    2012- Germany Tampl: 2 Goals: 0

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    Jérémy Mathieu Profile

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  • Jérémy Mathieu
    Jérémy Mathieu was born in Luxeuil-les-Bains, France, October 29, 1983 is was a French football player who currently plays for Valencia CF plays as a left back, but Jérémy Mathieu could also play as a winger on the same side.

    Jérémy Mathieu in some situations, playing as a defensive midfielder.

    Here Is Jérémy Mathieu Profile :

    Full Name: Jérémy Mathieu
    Date of Birth: October 29, 1983
    Place of Birth: Luxeuil-les-Bains, France
    Height: 1.92 m / 6 ft 4
    Position: Left
    Current club: Barcelona
    No: 24

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    Jérémy Mathieu Pictures

    Career Junior

    2000-2002: Sochaux

    Senior career

    2002-2005 Team: Sochaux Shown: 86 Goals: 10
    2005-2009 Team: Toulouse Shown: 113 Goals: 5
    2009- Team: Valencia Shown: 79 Goals: 2

    National Team

    2000-2001 Team: French U-18 Shown: 7 Goals: 0
    2001-2002 Team: French U-19 Shown: 3 Goals: 1
    2002-2006 Team: French U-21 Shown: 6 Goals: 2
    2011- Team: French Shown: 1 Goals: 0

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    Ivan Rakitić Profile

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  • Ivan Rakitić
    Football Player And Teams Today with Ivan Rakitić Profile.

    Ivan Rakitić born in Möhlin, Swiss, March 10, 1988 is a football player Croatian-born Swiss nationals who are currently playing for the club Sevilla and position as a midfielder .

    Full Name: Ivan Rakitić
     Date of Birth: March 10, 1988
    Place of Birth: Möhlin, Swiss
    Height: 1.84 m / 6 ft 0
    Position: Midfielder
    No: 4

    Career Junior


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    Senior career

    2005-2007 Team: Basel Shown: 34 Goals: 11
    2007-2011 Team: Schalke 04 Shown: 97 Goals: 12
    2011- Team: Sevilla Shown: 117 Goals: 27

    National Team

    2006-2007 Team: Swiss U-21 Shown: 4 Goals: 1
    2009 Team: Croatian U-21 Shown: 4 Goals: 2
    2007- Team: Croatia Shown: 64 Goals: 9

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    Jordi Masip Profile

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  • Jordi Masip barcelona
    Jordi Masip López known is Jordi Masip, born in Sabadell, Spain, January 3, 1989 is a Spanish football player who currently plays for Barcelona club who plays as a goalkeeper.

    Club career

    Jordi Masip was born in Sabadell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Masip moved to FC Barcelona's La Masia in 2004, at the age of 15.
    Jordi Masip made his senior debut in the 2008-2009 season, playing with the EU VILAJUIGA which is also the region of origin - in the fourth division, on loan.

    Masip back to Barcelona B, which serves as a backup or third choice during the first years.

    Its Jordi Masip Profile:

    Full Name: Jordi Masip López
    Date of Birth: January 3, 1989
    Place of Birth: Sabadell, Spain
    Height: 1.80 m / 5.9 ft 7
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Current club: Barcelona
    No: 25

    youth career

    2003-2004 Team: CE Mercantil
    2004-2008 Team: Barcelona

    Senior career

    2008-2014 Team: Barcelona B Shown: 79 Goals: 0
    2008-2009 Team: VILAJUIGA (loan) Shown: 24 Goals: 0
    2014 Team: Barcelona Shown: 1 Goals: 0

    National Team

    2006 Team: Spain U-17 Shown: 1 Goals: 0

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    Douglas Profile

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  • Douglas Picture
    The deal to bring Douglas Pereira from Santos to FC Barcelona was announced on August 26 and he was officially unveiled as a Barça player at the Camp Nou three days  later.

    Douglas came to Europe after six years playing in his native Brazil.
    Douglas learnt his trade at his home town club of  Goiás, where he played for three seasons for the first team after making his debut as an eighteen year old against Gremio.

    His performances caught the eye of some of the biggest Brazilian clubs and he was soon playing for Sao Paulo.
    After three more years at Sao Paolo, Douglas signed for Barça, a youngster, but one with plenty of experience having played 212 times in Brazil.

    Typically Brazilian in his commitment to attack, Douglas is an incisive wing back, who always looks for the decisive cross or a shot.
    With Sao Paulo, Douglas won the South American Cup and the 2009 South American Championship19s in Venezuela, though he has yet to be called up for the full Brazilian squad.

    It's Douglas Profile:

    Full Name: Douglas Pereira dos Santos
    Place of birth: Monte Alegre de Goiás
    Date of birth: 06-08-1990
    Current club: FC Barcelona
    Position: Right back
    Number: 16
    Weight: 67 kg
    Height: 171 cm


    Goiàs EC
    2009Goiano Championship
    São Paulo
    2012South American Cup
    2009 South America Championship Under-20

    Article Source : http://fcbarcelona.com

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    Martin Montoya Profile

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  • Martin Montoya
    Martin Montoya Torralbo = Martin Montoya was born in Gava, Barcelona, Catalunya, on April 14, 1991, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for FC Barcelona as a right back ie.

    Martin Montoya started playing football for the club CF Gava, then Montoya moved to FC Barcelona's football academy, La Masia, at the age of eight.

    In 2009, Montoya was promoted to team Barcelona B.
    2009-2010 season, Montoya contributed in 22 games as a player in a team led by Luis Enrique, the team returned to the second division after an absence of 11 years.

    February 26, 2011 he made his debut for the main squad, replacing Adriano Correia in the last five minutes of a 3-0 away win against RCD Mallorca.
    March 2011 rumors emerged linking Montoya with Valencia CF, El Che is willing to pay € 3 million for the purchase of players.

    30 April Montoya appeared as a starter for the first time, When Barcelona lost by a score of 1-2 over Real Sociedad in La Liga. In the game it Montoya suffered a fracture in the groin early minutes of the game and he can not play for the rest of the season.

    Montoya spent most of the 2011-2012 season at Barcelona B. Montoya's team appeared for the first team in the 2011-2012 season Copa del Rey, January 12, 2012, and the 2-1 win against CA Osasuna (6-1 aggregate).
    Due to injury he played Daniel Alves in the domestic cup final, came a full 90 minutes in a 3-0 win over Athletic Bilbao.




    La Liga: 2010-2011,
    2012-2013 Copa del Rey:
    2011-2012 Supercopa de España: Runner-up 2012


    Spain U-21
    UEFA European Under-21 Championship: 2011, 2013

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    Its Martin Montoya bio:

    Full name: Martin Montoya Torralbo
    Date of birth: 14 February 1991
    Place of Birth: Gava, Spain
    Height: 1.74 m / 5ft 9 in
    Position: Right Back
    Club: Barcelona
    Number 2

    Junior career

    1999-2009: Team: Barcelona

    Senior career

    2009-2012 Teams: Barcelona B Shown: 75 Goals: 0
    2011- Team: Barcelona Shown: 24 Goals: 1

    Team National

    2008 Team: Spain U-17 Shown: 8 Goals: 0
    2009 Team: Spain U-18 Shown: 3 Goals: 0
    2009-2010 Team: Spain U-19 Shown: 9 Goals: 0
    2010-2013 Team: Spain U-21 Show: 22 Goals: 1
    2012 Team: Spain U-23 Shown: 5 Goals: 0
    2011- Team: Catalunya Shown: 2 Goals: 0
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    Pepe Profile

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  • Pepe Pictures
    Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira  is very well known as Pepe, was born February 26, 1983 in Maceio, Brazil, is a football player Portuguese Brazilian descent who plays as a defender at Real Madrid.

    Achievements and awards 

    UEFA Euro 2008
    UEFA Euro 2012

    National Team
    UEFA Euro 2008
    2010 FIFA World Cup
    UEFA Euro 2012
    2014 FIFA World Cup

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    Its Pepe Bio:

    Full Name: Pepe
    Date of Birth: February 26, 1983
    Place of Birth: Maceio, Brazil
    Height: 1.87 m / 6 ft 2 in
    Current club: Real Madrid
    No: 3

    Junior Career

    1995-2001: Corinthians-AL

    Senior Career

    2001-2002 Team: Maritimo B Shown: 10 goals: 1
    2002-2004 Team: Maritimo Shown: 63 Goals: 3
    2004-2007 Team: Porto Shown: 64 Goals: 6
    2007- Team: Real Madrid Shown: 81 Goals: 2

    National Team

    2007- Team: Portugal Shown: 34 Goals: 2

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    Sergio Ramos Profile

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  • Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos was born on March 30, 1986 in Camas, Seville, Spain, Sergio Ramos is a football player who came from Spain who played on the defensive.

    Sergio Ramos plays for Spanish club Real Madrid who play in La Liga.
    He also plays for the Spanish national team.

    Career Club

    Before playing in the club at the moment, Real Madrid 2005 has menstransfer the transfer price € 27 million which is a record for a teenage player who moved to Madrid until now, Sergio Ramos played for Sevilla B and Sevilla for a total of 2 years.

    International Career

    Sergio Ramos has played for the national team Spain U-17, and U-19, U-21, as well as for the senior national team. And at the senior level, Sergio has played 77 times and scored 5 goals.


    Sergio Ramos has been included in the best team in FIFA and UEFA version in 2008, and also the FIFPro version for the 2007-2008 season, 2011-2012.

    Achievements and awards in the squad

    Spain squad at the 2006 FIFA World Cup
    UEFA Euro 2008
    2010 FIFA World Cup
    UEFA Euro 2012
    2013 FIFA Confederations Cup
    2014 FIFA World Cup

    Ok.. Its Sergio Ramos bio:

    Full Name: Sergio Ramos
    Date of birth: March 30, 1986
    Place of Birth: Camas, Sevilla, Spain
    Height: 1.83 m / 6 ft 0
    Position: Defender
    Currently the
    Club: Real Madrid
    No: 4

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    Junior career

    1996-2003: Sevilla

    Senior career

    2003-2004 Team: Sevilla B Shown: 26 Goals: 2
    2004-2005 Team: Sevilla Shown: 39 Goals: 2
    2005- Team: Real Madrid Shown: 196 Goals: 25

    National Team

    2002 Team: Spain U-17 Shown: 1 Goals: 0
    2004 Team: Spain U-19 Shown: 6 Goals: 0
    2004 Team: Spain U-21 Shown: 6 Goals: 0
    2005- Team: Spain Shown: 77 Goals: 5
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    Marc Bartra Profile

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  • Bartra Picture
    Its  Marc Bartra Profile

    Marc Bartra Aregall or Marc Bartra are often on call Bartra, born in Sant Jaume dels Domenys, Tarragona, Catalunya, January 15, 1991, is a Spanish footballer who plays for FC Barcelona as a central defender.


    Barcelona UEFA Champions League: 2010-11
    La Liga: 2009-10, 2010-11

    Full name: Mark Bartra Aregall
    Date of Birth: January 15, 1991
    Place of Birth: Sant Jaume, Spain
    Height: 1.83m / 6 ft 0 in
    Position: Central Defender
    Club: Barcelona
    Number: 15

    Junior career

    2001-2001: Espanyol
    2002-2009: Barcelona

    Senior career

    2009- Team: Barcelona B Shown: 81 goals: 2
    2010- Team: Barcelona Shown: 7

    Marc Bartra Picture

    National Team

    2009 Team: Spain U-18 Shown: 3 goals: 0
    2009-2010 Team: Spain U-19 Shown: 11 goals: 0
    2011 Team: Spain U-20 Shown: 7 goals: 0
    2011- Team: Spnyol U-21 Shown: 10 Goals: 2
    2010- Team: Catalunya Shown: 1 Goals: 0
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    Gerard Pique Profile

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  • Gerard Pique
    Football Players And Teams Today create a Gerard Pique Profile.

    Gerard Piqué i Bernabeu, born February 2, 1987, which are often on call Gerard Pique is a football player Spanish nationality who once joined Manchester United FC. The club entered Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona B on July 1, 2004.

    In the 2006-2007 season he was loaned out to Real Zaragoza. He entered the Spanish national team U17, U19, and U21. And now Gerard Pique FC Barcelona go into the club and become one of the players who brought Spain to become champion in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

    Below is  Gerard Pique bio:

    Full name: Gerard pique Bernabeu

    Date of Birth: February 2, 1987
    Place of birth: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
    Height: 1.93m / 6 ft 4 in
    Position: Centre back, Right beck
    Club: Barcelona
    Number: 3

    Gerard Pique picture

    Junior career

    1997-2004: Barcelona
    2004-2005: Manchester United

    Senior career

    2004-2008: Team: Manchester United Shown: 12 goals: 0
    2006-2007 Team: Zaragoza (loan) Shown: 22 goals: 2
    2008- Team Team: Barcelona Shown: 110 goals: 8

    Team masional

    2002-2003 Team: Spain U-16 Shown: 7 goals: 2
    2004- Team: Spain U-17 Shown: 8 goals: 3
    2006 Team: Spain U-19 Shown: 8 goals: 3

    Team Spanyol

    2007 U-20 Shown: 5 goals: 1
    2006-2008 Team: Spain U-21 Shown: 12 goals: 1
    2009- Team: Spain Shown: 38 goals: 4 2004- Team: Catalonia appear: 5 goals: 0

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    Thank you for your visited and read Gerard Pique Profile :-)

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    Karim Benzema Profile

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  • BenzemaKarim Mostafa Benzema or Karim Benzema was born in Lyon, France, December 19, 1987 is was a French professional football player of Algerian origin who currently plays for La Liga team, Real Madrid.

    Karim Benzema is playing as a striker who can function well as a winger and is noted for the ability of the technique, style of play, and his ability to score goals.
    Benzema could be described as a "great talented striker" who is "strong and admirable" and also "a START_LINKSignup effective attack in the penalty box."

    Karim Benzema start his football career at local club, Bron TERRAILLON.
    In 1996, he joined the biggest club in the city, Olympique Lyonnais, and then penetrate the club's academy.

    Benzema's first appearance in the 2004-2005 season Ligue 1, and appeared sporadically in his first three seasons, while Lyon won three league titles.
    In the 2007-2008 season, Benzema became a player who appeared regularly since the beginning of the game and scored more than 30 goals in the season.

    Because of its performance, the Union of Professional Football Players France (UNFP) bestowed on him the title of Player of Ligue 1 and enter the Best Team.
    Benzema was also the top scorer in the league, and won the Bravo Award from the Italian magazine, Guerin Sportivo.

    After one season at Lyon, in July 2009, then Benzema signed a six-year contract with the Spanish club, Real Madrid. After struggling to a prominent place in his first season in Los Blancos, he won the Spanish King's Cup and Spanish League 2010-2011, 2011-2012 alongside the Madrid team and scored a total of 58 goals.

    In December 2011, Karim Benzema was awarded the title of the Best French magazine France Football. Benzema is a former French junior national players.
    He has played for his country since the U-17 level and above. Prior to playing for the senior team, Benzema playing for the U-17 European champions in 2004, along with names like Samir Nasri and Hatem Ben Arfa.

    Benzema appeared for the first time to the senior team in March 2007 with a mere puppet goal in a friendly match against Austria. Benzema has represented France at the two major tournaments, Euro 2008 and Euro 2012.

    Karim Benzema Bio

    Full Name: Karim Mostafa Benzema
    Date of Birth: December 19, 1987
    Place of Birth: Lyon, France
    Height: 1.84m / 6 ft 0
    Position: Striker

    Current club: Real Madrid
    Number: 9

    Junior career

    1995-1996: SC Bron TERRAILLON
    1996-2004: Olympique Lyonnais

    Senior career

    2004-2009 Team: Lyon Shown: 112 goals: 43
    2009- Team: Real Madrid Shown: 132 goals: 57

    Read Benzema career info at  Here And Here

    National Team

    2004 Team: France U-17 Shown: 2 goals: 1
    2004-2005 Team: France U-18 Shown: 16 goals: 14
    2005-2006 Team: France U-19 Shown: 8 goals: 4
    2006-2007 Team: France U-21 Shown: 5 goals: 0
    2007-: Team: France Shown: 54 goals: 15

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    Karim Benzema International Career

  • Tuesday, November 4, 2014
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  • Karim Benzema
    Karim Benzema international career


    Karim Benzema is a former French junior national players, winning the hood at all levels except U16.
    Benzema is a member of a group known in France as the Generation of 1987, which resulted in a generation of Hatem Ben Arfa, Jeremy Menez, and Samir Nasri, and also Benzema.

    Among the four, Karim Benzema was the last live debut under coach Philippe Bergeroo and officially join the team ahead of the UEFA European Under-17 Championship in 2004, which was held in the country.

    In the competition, Benzema appeared in two games, against Northern Ireland and scored the opening goal.
    Benzema was also featured in the group phase against Spain and France won the tournament by beating the same team. Karim Benzema is a regular starter on the U18 team.

    He made ​​his debut in a local tournament in the Czech Republic. Benzema scored his first goal at this level when the last match against Poland in the group phase.
    In the final against the hosts, he scored the opening goal in the 2-0 win and France won the competition tersebut.30 September 2004, Benzema is one of the French goal scorer in the win at home to Norway.

    In the next match against Russia, he again scored two goals and France won 3-1. Because France is the European champion U17 level in 2004, U18 teams are allowed to participate in the UEFA-CAF Meridian Cup in 2005.

    Karim Benzema called into the team and play in the entire game, scoring five goals and France to back champions. He opened the tournament with two goals when they beat Cameroon 7-0.
    After failing to score a goal in the match against Sierra Leone, direct Benzema scored in the next game against Nigeria and into the net dwigol Mesir.

    19 May 2005, in the final against Slovakia, bought four goals Benzema, France won 4-1. Benzema left dengaan U18 team record 18 matches and 14 goals and Bergeroo praised as "a player GCC efficient". Quartet Benzema, Ben Arfa, Menez and Nasri returned to the national team U19.

    They are joined by Issiar Dia, Blaise Matuidi, and Serge Gakpé with the mission title UEFA European Under-19 Championship 2006. The troops were embarked on a mission with two friendly matches against Norway.
    Benzema scored one goal in the first game, winning by a score of 4-0.

    In qualifying, he scored a goal in the last match of the group phase over Austria. France won 2-0, and into the elite round. In the knockout phase, France joined together with Scotland, Bulgaria and Belarus. In the opening match, Benzema scored dwigol, one penalty and France won 4-0.

    Once stuck to a draw by Belarus, France faced with Scotland in the last match of the group phase. Benzema scored the opening goal in the eleventh minute but Steven Fletcher equalized goal. The match ended 1-1, and despite an end to the round undefeated, France were eliminated because of the difference in points lost.

    Karim Benzema underwent his U21 debut for Les Espoirs under coach René Girard in the match UEFA European Under-21 Championship in 2006 against Belgium. Benzema started the game and was replaced at half time by Yoann Gourcuff. He appeared in the qualifying round of the championship in 2007 and appeared as a starter and substitute in the first leg and the second, and the team was shocked by the defeat of Israel in the play-off qualification.


    Benzema was first called up to the senior team by Raymond Domenech on November 9, 2006 for a friendly match against Greece which will be held on November 15.
    Benzema call it is a "gift", and said "I'm very excited, of course, me and my family. The team is an honorary senior." Two days before the game, Benzema forced out of the team due to a severe injury that he experienced while playing for Lyon.

    Having failed to break the squad to face Argentina in February 2007, he returned to the team in March for the match and failure to appear in qualifying, he underwent his first debut team uniforms Roosters on March 28, 2007 against Austria.
    Benzema appeared as a substitute for Djibril Cisse and scored the only goal in the game through a free kick from Nasri.

    October 13, Benzema scored two goals in a 6-0 win over the Faroe Islands. After playing regularly throughout the 2007-2008 season, he was listed in the squad was 23 people for Euro 2008.
    Karim Benzema made ​​his debut at an international tournament on June 9, 2008 in the opening match against Romania. He became a starter, but was later replaced by Nasri in the second half because of poor performance.

    The match ended goalless and Benzema criticized by French media because of its performance and the newspaper Le Point calls Benzema "unrecognizable" and "he symbolizes sterility of France on the front lines".
    The paper also refers to the lack of international experience Benzema. In the second match against the Netherlands, Benzema did not take part in the embarrassing 4-1 defeat.

    He returned to the first team for the last match of the group phase against Italy and given a bang as the main interpreter. However, France lost 2-0 and were eliminated from the tournament.
    Benzema continues to be a regular player on the team and before the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying, he got jerseys number ten, having previously wore the number nine. In the first game after being knocked out of the Euro, Benzema scored a goal against Sweden in a 3-2 win in Gothenburg.

    Two months later, he scored a goal in a 3-1 win over Tunisia at the Stade de France.5 June 2009, Benzema scorer mere puppet in the form of a penalty kick, and France's 1-0 win over Turkey at the Stade de Gerland.
    He scored his first goal in a World Cup qualifier win over the Faroe Islands and Austria in October 2009. The appearance against Sweden is the last appearance under Domenech because he was not brought to the World Cup.

    Domenech stated the reason he did not bring Benzema is still struggling to find his best form at his new club Real Madrid, in addition to the reasons alleged sex scandal. Before the list of players announced, Benzema told Radio Monte Carlo, if he had not been he would be "very, very disappointed" but "will continue to support the French, whatever happens."

    After the World Cup, Karim Benzema return to the national team under new coach Laurent Blanc. Blanc, an admirer of Benzema, building bases around the attacker's attack, and after a year never defend France, Benzema returned to the team in a 2-1 defeat of Norway in Oslo.
    Together Gourcuff, Benzema led the team in scoring affair for the Euro 2012 qualifier, scored three goals, the goal of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Luxembourg and Albania.

    17 November 2010, Benzema scored the opening goal against England in a 2-1 victory at Wembley Stadium. In the next game, Benzema scored a mere puppet of success over Brazil in February 2011.
    After appearing regularly in qualifying, he was officially brought to Euro 2012 on May 29, 2012.

    June 5, in the final warm-up match ahead of the Euro, Benzema nets Estonia banged twice and France won 4-0. In Euro, Benzema became a starter in the opening match against England, which ended in a draw 1-1. In the play-off against Ukraine, he gave up two goals bait France, and they qualified for the quarter-finals.


    Lyon Ligue 1 (4): 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008
    French Cup (1): 2007-2008
    French Super Cup (2): 2006, 2007
    Peace Cup (1): 2007

    Real Madrid

    La Liga (1): 2011-2012
    Spanish King's Cup (1): 2010-2011
    Spanish Super Cup (1): 2012

    UEFA European Under-17 Championship (1): 2004
    Meridian Cup (1): 2005


    Bravo Award: 2008
    Ligue 1 top scorer: 2007-2008
    Best player version UNFP Ligue 1: 2007-2008
    The best team UNFP Ligue 1 version: 2007-2008
    French Player of the Year: 2011 & 2012

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    Karim Benzema Career Club

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  • Karim Benzema picture
    Football Players And team with Karim Benzema Club Career.

    Karim Benzema was born in Lyon, France from parents who are both Algerian descent.
    His grandfather is Da Lakehal Benzema, lived in the village Tighzert, north of the city Beni Djellil in Algeria before moving to Lyon in the 1950s.

    Benzema is the father Hafid, was born in Tighzert, while his mother is Kabylie Wahida Djebbara, born and raised in Lyon. Benzema was the third child and grew up with eight other brothers and sisters in Bron, Lyon eastern region. Both of her younger brother, Gressy and Sabri was also a football player.

    Early career

    Karim Benzema start his junior career alongside a local club, Bron TERRAILLON SC at the age of 8 years. At the club, Benzema was called Coco by friends. After  scored 2 goals in a game in the age group below 10 years against Olympique Lyonnais academy, the club became interested in him.

    According to Serge Santa Cruz, president of Bron TERRAILLON that time, employees have visited to recruit Lyon Benzema, and rejected Santa Cruz. After talking with the father Benzema, the club was allowed Benzema to probation in Lyon.
    After such time, the official costumed Benzema Lyon and into the club's academy at the age of nine.

    Karim Benzema quickly adapt in the club. He became a child of the goal on the senior team matches Lyon and growing very rapidly in school, being a student is "thoughtful and respectful". At the level of under 16 years old, Benzema scored 38 goals in the Championnat National des 16 ans, a domestic competition for soccer players under the age of 16 years.

    After the 2004-05 season, Benzema then promoted to the reserve team that plays in the Championnat de France amateur, the fourth division in the French league system. Despite only playing with the team in the fall, he scored 10 goals and the team finished second in the group standings.

    2004-2007 Karim Benzema Lyon called up to the senior team by manager Paul Le Guen in half of the season. As a tradition that has been years in Lyon, new players have to stand up and speak to another teammate, while the likes of Michael Essien, Sylvain Wiltord, Florent Malouda and Eric Abidal.
    While speaking, Benzema ridiculed, and made ​​him say, "Do not laugh, I'm here to win a place you all." And so on barhasil Benzema scored his debut on January 15, 2005, replacing Pierre-Alain Frau.

    Lyon managed and won by a score of 2-0 and Benzema led to a second goal scored Bryan Bergougnoux. Five days later, Benzema signed his first professional contract for three years. After three more times as a substitute, on April 2, Benzema became a starter the first time in a 1-0 win against Lens. He ended the season with sweet memories: Lyon won four league titles in a row.

    Benzema start the 2005-2006 season under new coach Gerard Houllier. Under the guidance of Houllier, Benzema has struggled to seize the main striker position, with the presence of the Brazilian striker, Fred, and also Wiltord. He appeared in his first game of the season with a league victory over Rennes, appearing as a substitute.

    On December 6, Benzema appeared for the first time in the UEFA Champions League group phase match against Lyon Norwegian club Rosenborg. Benzema scored his first professional goal, and Lyon won 2-1. A month later, he scored his first dwigol, in French Cup match on Grenoble.

    On March 4, 2006, Benzema scored his first league goal, in a 3-1 win over Ajaccio. Benzema started to get rations to play more often in the following season, and scored a goal through a penalty kick in the Trophee des Champions 2006 match against Paris Saint-Germain, which Lyon won with a score of 5-4 on penalties.

    Benzema start the season by scoring the first goal in the team in the league against Nantes.
    Three weeks later, on August 26, 2006, Benzema appeared as a substitute and scored two goals in a 4-1 win at home to Nice. Benzema also scored two goals in the Champions League against Ukrainian club Dynamo Kyiv and champions Romania, Steaua Bucuresti. After performing regular, November 10, Benzema injury three months, only then can come back to play in February 2007.

    However, he could have scored another goal on goal in the last game of the season Nantes and Lyon back champions for the sixth time in a row. scintillating season In the 2007-2008 season, because players like Florent Malouda, John Carew, and Sylvain Wiltord left Lyon, Benzema though only 19 years old at the time, was given jersey number 10 and he made ​​the main attacker.

    Having established a good relationship with new manager Alain Perrin, he responded with 31 goals from 51 matches. He successfully standings scorer in Ligue 1 with 20 goals, 4 goals in the Champions League, one in the League Cup, 6 goals from 6 French Cup match, that took Lyon won the "double" first. Some Benzema looks incredible on the season including a hat-trick against Metz on 15 September, an equalizing goal equalizer in the 90th minute through a free kick in a match against Derby du Rhone Saint-Etienne and a goal against Lens that was nominated as the best goal of the season by fans. In the Champions League, Benzema scored two goals against Rangers at Ibrox in the last match of the group phase.

    The victory makes Lyon 3-0 to qualify for the fall phase. In this phase, they meet Manchester United and Benzema continued success scored, this time from outside the penalty box in the first leg match which ended in a 1-1 draw and United eventually made ​​it through to the next round with a 2-1 aggregate.

    Sir Alex Ferguson praised the performance of Benzema, but later, Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas accused Ferguson tried to recruit Benzema. On March 13, 2008, Karim Benzema extended his contract at Lyon until 2013 with a one-year extension options.

    After signing his new contract, Benzema became the player with the highest salary in France. Because the performance of the season, he won the Ligue 1 Player of the Year title, was elected to the Best Team, and also won the Trophee du Meilleur Buteur as the top scorer in the league. Benzema is also included in the Ballon d'Or nomination in 2008 by the French sports magazine, France Football. Where the gift is eventually won by Cristiano Ronaldo.

    2008-2009 Karim Benzema start the new season with success scoring two goals against Toulouse in the first game. Three weeks later, he scored a goal against rivals fellow Rhoe-Alpes, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne, and scored a goal against Nice, which he made with a penalty in the final minutes. Lyon successfully win all these games. Therefore, the president Aulas rejected all offers and the transfer of a large team put up the price of 100 million euros for him.

    Benzema was also the cover of the French version of the video game FIFA untul 2009, along with Franck Ribery. Benzema scored his seventh goal on 29 October, in a 2-0 win over Sochaux. He again scored a goal in the next match against Le Mans.

    He is one of the top scorer in the UEFA Champions League group phase 2008-2009 with the acquisition of five, consisting of dwigol against Steaua Bucureşti, two goals in two matches against Fiorentina, and 1 goal against Bayern Munich in the last game. After the winter break, Benzema was again scored in the first three games before then scored eleventh in the season against Nice, which they won 3-1.

    He scored a goal back two weeks later against Nancy in a 2-0 victory. 9 next game, Benzema's performance (and Lyon) free fall / lost four, drawn three times and only won twice, and Benzema scored two goals could only be from the last nine games. The poor performance makes Lyon lost his place in the top and left out of the title race, and then end the champion record 7 times in a row, where Benzema also won four titles.

    Real Madrid 


    On July 1, 2009, Lyon announced that it has reached an agreement with Spanish club Real Madrid, Karim Benzema on. Such transfer worth € 35 million, but the value can be increased up to € 41 in the presence of incentives.
    On 9 July, Benzema successfully passed a medical and signed his contract in the afternoon as long as six years. He was officially introduced that night at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the same as the new recruits like Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Benzema made ​​his debut on July 20 in a preseason game against the Republic of Ireland, Shamrock Rovers in Dublin, appearing as a substitute during the interval. Benzema scored the only goal in the game, in the 87th minute. August 24, Benzema scored two goals against Norwegian club Rosenborg in the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy event, which Madrid won 4-0 success. Benzema appeared for the first time in La Liga for Real Madrid on August 29, 2009 against Deportivo de La Coruna.

    He became a starter, but was replaced in the second half and Madrid success with a 3-2 win. A month later, he scored his first goal for Madrid in a 5-0 win over Xerez. After being dropped in the middle of the week's game against Villarreal, he scored his first dwigol for Los Blancos in the 3-0 home victory over Tenerife at the weekend. Benzema appeared as a Madrid player in the UEFA Champions League the first time on September 30, against the French team, Olympique de Marseille, and in the game, he gave "assists" to goals of Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Having failed to score throughout October, he successfully goalkeeper Milan in Madrid at the first game in the Champions League in November. Goal Benzema then rewarded a penalty kick from Ronaldinho.

    7 November, in the Madrid derby, he gives "assists" to Marcelo, and Madrid success with a 3-2 win. November, Benzema started rarely appeared as a starter as manager Manuel Pellegrini prefers Gonzalo Higuain as the main striker. Spanish media have also criticized him for his performance plummeted, as well as the difficulty to adapt in the country as a result he has not even started to learn the language Spanyol.Benzema also referred to as "the new Anelka" by the Spanish newspaper Marca.

    Benzema is defended by compatriot Zidane, who said "after 2 months, I also criticized" and Benzema is a "talented players and talented players at Madrid have to be a winner". December 5, Benzema appeared as a substitute for Rafael van der Vaart and scored the third goal in a resounding 6-0 victory over Almeria. After the game, he responds to the criticism against him by saying "I have been fully integrated here and very happy" and "Yes, I've been improving my adaptation. I have a new house and am learning Spanish."

    After nearly a month on the bench, alongside Higuain Benzema became a starter in the away game against Valencia on December 12 and give feedback to one of the two goals Higuaian. A week later, he returned to the bench. In the birthday-22, Benzema scored goals in home games, and Madrid 6-0 win over Real Zaragoza. Because Higuain more injury in early January 2010, Pellegrini decided to return to the starting lineup Benzema.

    After failing to score in the first two games, he scored two goals directly over Deportivo on January 30, in which Madrid won with the score 1-3 in the cage opposite. After returning Higuain, Benzema back down to the bench and finished the season by appearing eight times in a row as a replacement.

    2010-2011 Earlier this season, Benzema got the T-shirt number 9 and Jose Mourinho as the new coach of El Real. At first Benzema Mou did not make the coach is impressed, and the Portuguese man speaks to reporters that "Benzema must understand that tremendous talent, but that alone is not enough," and that "Madrid need a striker that is extraordinary, not sluggish. "Speech Mourinho then reciprocated by France coach, Laurent Blanc who think Benzema is "not used to working hard." Blanc also suggest Benzema to lose weight for ease of play.

    Mourinho prefers Ronaldo and Higuain as the main striker, Benzema start the season as a substitute in the opening match of the season against Mallorca. Following the international break in September, he appeared first as a starter against Osasuna, where Madrid success with a 1-0 win. On September 21, Benzema appeared as a substitute and scored the first goal of the season in a 3-0 home win over Espanyol.

    After that, the striker failed to score a single goal for almost two months. He gave assists twice in a row in a league match against Hercules and Milan in the Champions League.
    November 10 Benzema scored his second goal of the season against Real Murcia in the King's Cup. At the end of November, Benzema started to penetrate the core team after Higuain suffered a back injury and the team's senior striker shortage.

    In the first game after the first team permanently, he scored the first goal in the Champions League against Dutch club, Ajax. In the last match of the group phase against the representatives of France, Auxerre, he also scored his first hat-trick, which forces menangdengan Mourinho 4-0.

    The first goal in the game is the 300th Madrid goal in the Champions League era. Two weeks later, back Benzema scored a hat-trick again, in a big 8-0 victory over Levante in the Copa. In the first game the team in 2011, he gave feedback on the team's first goal Ronaldo scored in a 3-2 win over Getafe. At the end of January, for the first time in his career at Real Madrid, Benzema scored a goal in a row. January 23, he scored a goal mere puppet on a visit home to Mallorca.

    Three days later, all over again with Benzema scoring only one in the first leg of the Copa semi-final against Sevilla. Madrid and then advanced to the final of the Copa del Rey the 37th in their history after beating Sevilla 2-0 in the second leg. With the arrival of a loan striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, Karim Benzema is not lowered in two league games in a row in February 2011.

    He returned to the first team on February 19 and a golden opportunity occurs: he scored ten goals in eight games, including three dwigol consecutive matches counter Malaga, Racing Santander and Hercules, and a goal to former club, Lyon, in the last 16 of the Champions League. His ex cons goal was his 100th goal throughout his professional career, and also the first goal Real Madrid at Stade de Gerland for six years, however, he did not celebrate his goal in honor of his former club.

    On March 19, Benzema scored the opening goal in the Madrid derby, which Real Madrid won 2-1. Although Benzema showed good performance, Benzema only appeared once out of four El Clasico against Barcelona, where the two teams met twice in the league, Copa del Rey final and the Champions League fall phase.

    Among the meeting, on 23 April 2011, he scored a goal and gave assists to other goals in a 6-3 victory over Valencia. On April 30, Benzema scored a goal back when Madrid defeated Real Zaragoza 3-2. It was the only match in which Real Madrid lost when Benzema scored a goal. To close the season, he scored dwigol in big win over Almeria 8-1.

    Benzema ended the season as the second highest scorer on the team with 26 goals after Ronaldo and Madrid won the King's Cup, his first trophy to give Benzema in Madrid. For her performance was stunning, especially in the second half of the season, Mourinho praised Benzema, and also high officials such club Florentino Perez and Emilio Butragueño, and also the national team coach, Laurent Blanc.


    Before the 2011-2012 season, Karim Benzema, having exhorted the compatriots like Blanc and Zidane, go to Merano in Italy to undergo treatment to reduce weight. The mission was successful after the attackers arrived at pre-season training with weight 8 kg (18 lb) lighter. At the clinic, Benzema also undergo physical training to increase muscle mass. Benzema look stunning in the preseason, scoring a success with eight goals in seven games.

    Performance in the pre-season makes Mourinho appointed as the main striker for the new season. Portuguese man was later praised for changes in the performance of Benzema, but refused and instead praised the players themselves. Benzema start the season in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup 2011 against Barcelona. In the game, he became a starter and give feedback to the opening goal Mesut ozil nested.

    In the second leg, Real Madrid with a 4-3 aggregate lagged, Benzema scored the equalizing goal to make the score 4-4. However, six minutes later, a goal made ​​by Lionel Messi made Barcelona assured of winning the trophy. Benzema appeared for the first time in the league in a 6-0 away victory over Real Zaragoza. In a league match two weeks later, he scored dwigol Getafe on goal, giving Madrid a 4-2 victory.

    After failing to score in three consecutive league games, Benzema back came into the game at Rayo Vallecano, and Madrid won 4-2. When determining the match against Ajax in the Champions League, Benzema scored Madrid's third goal in a 3-0 win at home. He also gave feedback for nested Ronaldo's opener.

    In the next Champions League showdown against Lyon, he again scored the opening goal, and feed Sami Khedira for a second goal, and Madrid won 4-0. November 2011, Benzema scored 5 goal victory over Osasuna and Valencia, scoring two goals in the Champions League group stage match against Croatian team, Dinamo Zagreb.

    December 10, 2011, Benzema scored the opening goal in El Clasico against Barcelona, which ended with a 3-1 defeat of the capital forces. These goals, successfully printed only 21 seconds after the first kick, was the fastest goal happened between the two Spanish giants.
    Three days after his record-breaking goal, for the game in 2011, Benzema was awarded Player of the French version of France Football, beating Barcelona defender Erika and Lyon goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

    He became the second French player who played in Spain and won it, and also the second Real Madrid player to win the award. Zidane was the first to receive two awards at the top.
    Benzema is very happy with his victory, and said "A great honor to win an individual grace. When I look at the previous winners - Zidane, Henry and other great players - it makes me very proud to join with them."

    In the next game after the team won the award, Benzema gave feedback on two goals in a 6-2 victory over Sevilla. Karim Benzema opened the year 2012 with a great performance.
    He successfully scored over Granada and Malaga in the Copa del Rey, in each leg in the round of 16. Victory 4-2 Real Madrid make advanced to the quarter-finals against Barcelona.

    After failing to score in the first leg, where the Catalan club ahead 2-1, Benzema scored a goal in the second leg on January 25, 2012, but Real Madrid lost 4-3 on aggregate.
    February 12, Benzema scored a goal against Levante. A week later, he scored dwigol in a match that ended with a 4-0 victory over Racing Santander.

    On March 24, he again scored two goals against Real Sociedad. Two of these goals makes scorer in the French league, Zidane's passing record. Three days later, he scored two goals in the club's 3-0 victory over Cyprus, APOEL Nicosia in the Champions League quarter-finals.

    29 April, Karim Benzema played very brilliant, two goals and one goal to fruition bait others into the Sevilla goal. Dwigol the seventh time in La Liga and Real Madrid Primera closer to first title in four years. Los Blancos ensure themselves a 32nd league title next week, with a 3-0 win over Athletic Bilbao, where Benzema appeared as a substitute in the game.


    The first match in the Champions League, Benzema scored the equalizing goal against Manchester City in a 3-2 home win. On October 4, 2012, he scored a goal in the penalty box flap against Ajax Amsterdam in a 4-1 win in Amsterdam.

    December 18, 2012, nice shape see Benzema get an award for best French footballer of 2012, for the second year running. March 2, 2013 Benzema opened the scoring against Barcelona in a league match at the Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid managed to win the match with the score 2-1, the second time they beat Barcelona in a week. 30 April 2013, Benzema scored one goal and provided assists for Sergio Ramos against Dortmund.
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    Cristiano Ronaldo Profile

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  • Ronaldo
    Below is Cristiano Ronaldo Profile

    Full name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
    Date of Birth: 5 February 1985
    Place of Birth: Funcal, madeira, Portugal
    Height: 1.86m / 6 ft 1 in
    Position: Left wing, Striker 
    Current club: Real Madrid
    Number: 7

    Junior career

    1993-1995: Andorinha
    1995-1997: Nacional
    1997-2001: Sporting Lisbon

    Senior career

    2001-2003 Team: Sporting Lisbon Shown: 25 goals: 3
    2003-2009 Team: Manchester United Shown: 196 goals: 84
    2009-: Team: Real Madrid Shown: 169 goal: 186

    Team National

    2001-2002: Team: Portugal U17 Shown: 9 goals: 6
    2003: Team: Portugal U20 Shown: 5 goals: 3
    2002-2003 team: Portugal U21 Shown: 6 goals: 1
    2004 Team: Portugal U23 Shown: 3 goals: 1
    2003- Team: Portugal Shown: 115 goals: 51



    Manchester United English Premier League: 3 (2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009)
    FA Cup: 1( 2003-2004)
    League Cup: 2 (2005-2006, 2008-2009)
    Community Shield: 1( 2007)
    UEFA Champions League: 1 (2007-2008)
    FIFA Club World Cup: 1 (2008)

    Real Madrid 

    Copa del Rey: 1 (2010-2011)
    La Liga: 1 (2011-2012)
    Super Cup de Espana / Super Spain: 1 (2012)
    UEFA Champions League: 1 (2013-2014)


    UEFA Team of the Year: 1 (2004)
    Bravo Award: 1 (2004)
    Best Young Player Specials: 2( 2004, 2005)
    Best Portuguese Soccer Players: 1 (2006-2007)
    UEFA Best Team: 5 (2003-2004, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010)
    Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year: 3( 2003-2004, 2006-2007, 2007-2008)
    FIFPro World XI: 6 (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
    PFA Young Player of the Year: 1 (2006-2007)
    PFA Players' Player of the Year: 2 (2006-2007, 2007-2008)
    PFA Fans' Player of the Year: 2( 2006-2007, 2007-2008)
    Best Premier League PFA: 4 (2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009)
    Soccer Players FWA version: 2 (2006-2007, 2007-2008)
    Barclays Option Players: 2( 2006-2007, 2007-2008)
    Premier League Player of the Month: 4 (November 2006, December 2006, January 2008, March 2008)
    Premier League Golden Boot: 1 (2007-2008)
    Barclays Services Awards: 1 (2007-2008)
    Scorers UEFA Champions League: 2 (2013-2014)
    European Golden Shoe: 2 (2007-2008, 2010-2011)
    Best Striker UEFA Champions League: 2 (2007-2008,2013-12014)
    UEFA Club Footballer of the Year: 2 (2007-2008,2013-2014)
    FIFPro World Player of the Year: 1 (2007-2008)
    Silver Ball FIFA Club World Cup: 1 (2008)
    Ballon d'Or: 2 (2014)
    FIFA World Player: 2 (2014)
    Onze d'Or: 1 (2008)
    World Soccer Player of the Year: 2 (2008, 2014)
    FIFA Puskás Award: 1 (2009)
    Scorers Copa del Rey: 2
    La Liga Top Scorers (El Pichichi: 2 2010-11 | 2013-2014


    OfficerOrdo Infante Dom Henrique
    Service Medal.

    Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, or better known as Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, February 5, 1985 is a Portuguese football player.

    Plays as a left or right wing and center forward. Currently Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Spanish side Real Madrid team and for the Portuguese national team. Before playing for Real Madrid, he has played at Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United.

    Players are back number 7 is on the gridiron CR7 familiar with the term, a combination of the initials of the name and number back. Cristiano Ronaldo wears jersey number 7 at United, which was previously worn by Johnny Berry, George Best, Steve Coppell, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona and David Beckham.

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    After spending his first year in Madrid wearing the number 9 shirt, then Ronaldo began wearing the number 7 again following the departure of Raul Gonzalez's legendary players.
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    Cristiano Ronaldo = CR7

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo = CR7

    Cristiano Ronaldo's father, Jose Dinis Aveiro ie, died from liver damage caused by alcohol at the age of 52, in September 2005, when Cristiano Ronaldo was 20 years old. Ronaldo said that he did not drink alcohol and he accepts libel as a Daily Mirror article that reported him drinking heavily in a nightclub while recovering from an injury in July 2008.

    In October 2005, a month after his father died, Cristiano Ronaldo was arrested on suspicion of raping a woman at a hotel in London and released on bail. Ronaldo denied the allegations and the charges were handed down by Scotland Yard in November 2005 due to insufficient evidence.
    Cristiano Ronaldo issued a statement saying: "I am always so keep innocent of any wrongdoing and I am glad that this is over so I can concentrate on playing for Manchester United".

    Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he had become a father on 3 July 2010. Official Facebook and Twitter pages reference the birth of his son to ask for privation. Her son was named Cristiano, and Ronaldo are in full care.

    Cristiano Ronaldo has previously been associated with the British model Alice Goodwin and Gemma Atkinson, and since the beginning of 2010, he has been dating Russian model Irina Shayk.
    He is Roman Catholic. wealth In March 2010, France Football puts Ronaldo ranked third in the list of highest-paid footballer in the world, behind David Beckham and Lionel Messi, with £ 27 million (€ 29.2 million) combined income from salaries, bonuses and profits beyond football ball.

    His net worth is estimated at $ 160 million. sponsor Cristiano Ronaldo has signed many sponsors when his reputation grew when at Manchester United.
    In October 2009, Ronaldo has been named as the new spokes models for clothing and Emporio Armani men's jeans. In February 2010, Ronaldo again raise the duration of the contract with sportswear company Nike USA until 2014.

    Ronaldo has also signed other sponsors from Coca-Cola, Castrol, Konami, Banco Espirito Santo, Motorola, Jacob & Co., Herbalife and KFC. All his sponsorship has given him a total income of about $ 21 million per year in June 2013.

    In June 2012, SportsPro judge Ronaldo ranks as the best-selling 5 athlete in the world, but he slipped to eighth place in 2013. humanitarian activities Ronaldo was involved in fundraising aid tsunami victims in Aceh in December 2004, also helped Martunis namely Aceh at the time of a child who survived after 19 days stranded by the tsunami.

    March 26, 2008, Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Manchester United and was appointed as an Ambassador for the UEFA Humanity and the International Red Cross.
    Ronaldo and also the UEFA raise 100 thousand CHF (Swiss francs). Appointment of Ambassador Humanity continued until he moved to Real Madrid.

    In February 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo and UEFA again gave humanitarian aid already digalangnya to the Red Cross (ICRC) worth 100 thousand euros for physical recovery programs Afghan conflict victims. In January 2012, Cristiano Ronaldo has been named as an Ambassador of the NGO Save the Children, an independent organization focused on the protection and rescue of the child's future.

    His job is to help raise funds Ronaldo social, including football players of the world to help save the child. Among them is through an auction jerseys signed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Alessandro Del Piero and Lionel Messi. On June 26, 2013, Ronaldo has been named the Ambassador Care Forum Mangrove Bali Indonesia. The certificate is done in Denpasar, Bali, the Indonesian government, represented by the Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan.

    Activity as an Ambassador Mangrove is the charitable and not get paid. Ronaldo willing to be ambassador because of his acquaintance with Martunis Mangrove, the boy who became victims of the tsunami in Aceh in 2004. Mangrove is one way to hold back the tsunami. As Ambassador Care Forum Mangrove, Ronaldo carries the message "Save the Mangrove, Save the Earth."

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    Cristiano Ronaldo international Career

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    Today Football Players And Team with Cristiano Ronaldo international career

    Cristiano Ronaldo has played for various ages Portuguese national team, the U-17, U-20, U-21 and U-23.
    Ronaldo began to be called into the national team of Portugal since 2003.
    He has played at least as much as 114 times for the senior national team, and scored 50 goals.

    He was included in the Portugal squad at Euro 2004, the 2004 Athens Olympics, 2006 World Cup, the European Cup in 2008, and the 2010 World Cup and the European Cup in 2012.

    On October 17, 2012, Ronaldo reached the 100th caps for the Portuguese national team in a World Cup qualifier against Northern Ireland in Porto Estadio do Dragao.
    He became the third youngest player ever reached Europe, after German players Lukas Podolski and Christian Viikmae Estonian player. Cristiano Ronaldo scored eight goals during World Cup qualifying in 2014 Portugal, including four goals in the second play-off against Sweden which ensures a place Portugal in the 2014 World Cup hat-trick in the second leg of his making it a Portuguese player who scored the most goals of all time after a record-equaling tally Pauleta when Pauleta collected 47 international goals.

    Style Of Play

    Cristiano Ronaldo is considered as one of the two best players in the world and as one of the best players to ever play, Cristiano Ronaldo played a role as a striker, most often played either as a striker or as a winger, and is known for finishing, pace, dribbling, positioning , passing and crossing abilities.

    He is capable of playing on either wing also in the middle, making it a very versatile attacker. He plays the role of a strong attack, often drifting from left wing to center when the ball moves welcome.

    Ronaldo is also known as mentally sharp, with good vision, predicting a certain drama, and also had a very good reaction, balance and agility. Although the use of the right foot, he is also able to control the ball as well as crossing and finishing well with his left foot. Cristiano Ronaldo is also known for its speed, skill, and control as well dribblingnya ability, and talent in the player in situations dealing memengalahkan 1-1.

    He is able to finish well, both in the area to score well from a distance. Ronaldo is also a free kick specialist accurate. Interestingly, height, strength, jumping ability and technique have given him more advantages in winning aerial duels, with the majority often targeted Ronaldo the act of hitting the ball with the head.

    Since the arrival of Ronaldo at Manchester United, Ronaldo suffered a significant body transformation, from a skinny young adults set up to measure athletic. Strapping, muscular body type allows him to keep his balance when carrying the ball. Strength and condition coach of Manchester United, Mike Clegg and France legend Zinedine Zidane praised the outstanding work ethic of Ronaldo, and dedication to the improvement at the time on the practice field and has stated that he was famous for this.

    Ronaldo has expressed his desire to carve his name in history alongside football legends like Pele and Diego Maradona, and he will be remembered as a role model of one of the best players in world football.
    But, he has repeatedly criticized for some of his performances in the national team, in which Maradona has commented: "As good as he was with Real Madrid, he often seemed frustrated at the national level, as if he was surrounded by players who do much to help him." Ronaldo has also been criticized for diving when ditackling.

    And Jose Mourinho said: "Cristiano is a player who does not have a culture of diving, he does not have a culture of simulation, he is a British-trained player, Ferguson trained. In some cases, people who pretend to be given more protection, and those who honestly often lose. I'm not a hypocrite if I said that they (defenders) hit Cristiano very hard, and that the yellow cards do not arrive or arrive late "However, Jose Mourinho claimed that Ronaldo does not take criticism well, but still believes firmly that Ronaldo was "the most professional players I've ever met." Cristiano Ronaldo described as having "arrogant image" on the playing field.

    With Ronaldo stated that he had been a "victim" because, as he was portrayed by the media. She is often seen moaning, gesture and pout when trying to inspire his team to victory. Former Portugal coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, the coach Ronaldo between the years 2003-2008, recognizing that people are "jealous" to him. Compatriot Pepe underline that Ronaldo with "character" and "will to win".

    Direct football style, skills and abilities in scoring Ronaldo has been a characteristic of the most striking throughout his career, and his talent as a whole has caused him to be regarded as the most outstanding player and could be a game modifiers. Cristiano Ronaldo's reputation increased the lead medium for the comparison between him and the FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi, and Ronaldo commented and said: "Some people say I'm better, others say it was him, but in the end, they will decide who is the best player.

    He doing the best thing for Barcelona, and I do the best thing for Madrid. I think we push each other sometimes in the competition, this is why the competition is so high. "However, a large number of former players criticizing the comparison, as legend Pele and Brazil that the Portuguese international Luis Figo, who mentioned that they have different play styles.

    Although this comparison has been criticized, many world leaders have mentioned football Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the best player in the world. Former Brazilian star Roberto Carlos suggested that "Ronaldo can do more to Madrid than Messi can for Barcelona. Madrid rely on Ronaldo to perform well, while Barcelona is more than just Messi". Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is even labeled as the duo "monsters" to revolutionize their goals scored stats.

    The former manager of Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho has stated that: "If both between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo was born in a different era, they will lead the football scene and each collecting 10 FIFA Ballon d'Ors".

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