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Real Madrid C.F

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  • Real Madrid
    Real Madrid Club de Futbol / Royal Madrid Football Club = Real Madrid at Madrid, Spanyol.
    Real Madrid C.F  is the most successful football team in the world in the 20th century according to the Federation Internationale de Football Association, later followed by AC Milan in the second position.

    Real Madrid Club was established on March 6, 1902, Real Madrid play in the Premier League Spanish or also known as the Primera Division. Since the competition began in 1928, Madrid has never been degraded to a lower division.
    Real Madrid club was originally named Madrid Club de Fútbol, but were allowed to use the title Real after King Alfonso XIII of Spain gave official permission to the club in June 1920.

    Besides laden with accomplishments Real Madrid also holds the status as a football club that has the highest income in the world for five consecutive years. In fact not only that, Real Madrid has the right even crowned as the world's richest sports club with income € 401 million (£ 342 million) in the period of one year, such as in laporankan by Football Money League.

    Real Madrid play in costumes that are white white, so nicknamed Los merengues or white team. Cage located in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium with a capacity of 80,354 penonton.Sejak last few years, Real Madrid is known as a team that likes to buy the world's top players, because that is given a new nickname of Los Galacticos (team galactic). Although studded with star players, the club has always reaped the poor performance by the failure of the 2008-2010 title.

    Since the last time Real Madrid won the Champions League in 2002, they almost always only achieve the best results to the last 16 of the Champions Champions. Real Madrid club establishment of Spanish football's most successful should be proud with various titles ever achieved. Most winning the Spanish Primera Liga titles and nine collections of Real Madrid in the Champions League has not been equaled by any club. If Real Madrid in the modern era synonymous with Los Galacticos, this Spanish side stand after inspired intellectuals. Some professors and students this British introduced football and Football Club Sky also stands as a forerunner to the club in 1897 Three years later, the club split into FootBall de Madrid and Club Espanol de Madrid.

    In 1902, the last club broke again and then stood Madrid Football Club, who then won the Copa del Rey in 1905 and helped establish the Spanish football federation in 1909 After all the events then in 1920, the club used the name Real Madrid are pinned King Alfonso XIII .In 1929, Real Madrid join the Spanish football league started with nine other clubs. Until now, with Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, Madrid became the club never relegated from the Primera Liga.

    Real Madrid won the league title for the first time in the 1931-1932 season. In this period, Real Madrid president Santiago Bernabeu Yeste headed, who rebuilt the stadium and the Ciudad Deportiva club after being damaged as a result of the Spanish Civil War. Beginning in 1953, the idea of ​​using the Bernabeu issued world-class players from abroad. Famous Argentine attacker, ie Alfredo di Stefano was imported. Then history was recorded triumph of Real Madrid in the Champions Trophy since it was first rolled out in 1956 Real Madrid to be the best in Europe for five consecutive editions.

    Sixth degree of success achieved in 1966.Kemudian triumph also occurred in the domestic arena. Real Madrid to win the league unbearable eight times in the period of the 1960s. Madrid is able to keep the tradition of winning the league in every decade up to the last time to do it in 2007/2008 season. In the 1980s, with the quintet La Quinta del Buitre namely Emilio Butragueño, Michel, Manuel Sanchis, Martin Vazquez and Miguel Pardeza, Madrid to five consecutive winning the league between 1986 and 1990, but, they have to wait a long time to resume its former glory in Europe.

    New in 1997/1998, 32 years after the last title, Real Madrid successfully added a collection of League Champions. At decade of the 2000s, with the policy of collecting star players, as he had done by Bernabeu president Florentino Perez continued. Pros and cons were born, but Real Madrid will still be known as the club's star players.
    • End of Season 2009/2010 Position: 2nd • Market Value: € 358,100,000 (2009/2010) 401.4 (€ million) • First Year Log Primera Liga: 1928/1929 • Number Primera Liga Season In: 79 Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the re-launch of Forbes Magazine that this health club is the world's richest club for 2009/2010.

    And this can be drawn list of the richest football clubs in the world, and beyond a doubt Manchester United came out to the first position after the last 5 years the position was held by AC Milan (3y 2004,2005,2006), Chelsea (1y 2007), and Real Madrid (1y 2008) Real Madrid still holds the status as a football club that has the highest income in the world for five consecutive years. Real Madrid even entitled to be crowned as the richest sports club in the world with an income of € 401 million (£ 342 million) in one year, according to the Football Money League conducted by the Deloitte, a leading accounting company, on Monday (1/3) . Los Merengues outperformed Barca and Manchester United respectively second and third.

    Azulgrana shift the position of United, who last year was ranked second. With the report, the world's top 20 clubs experienced a significant increase in revenue in the 2008/2009 season. So all of their income reached € 3.9 billion. However, note that the total is still low when compared with last year. the Deloitte published a report that is the most contemporary to see how the financial development of each club. "10 percent increase in income of Real Madrid to € 401 million (£ 342 million) it is not affected by their poor performances in local and European competitions.

    Revenue Madrid broadcasting rights has increased very dramatically, "said Dan Jones, a representative from the Deloitte Sports Business Division tersebut.Selain FC Barcelona who received € 57 million acquisition increased compared to last year, it was noted also that Arsenal also increased fantastic. The Gunners are on the list of top five shifts Chelsea with revenue increased seven per cent to £ 224 million (€ 263 million).

    Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Newcastle United also complements the achievement of English clubs in the world's 20 richest clubs.


    Liga Champions:

    1955/1956 4 - 3 vs. Stade de Reims-Champagne1
    956/1957 2 - 0 vs. A.C. Fiorentina
    1957/1958 3 - 2 vs. AC Milan
    1958/1959 2 - 0 vs. Stade de Reims-Champagne1
    959/1960 7 - 3 vs. Eintracht Frankfurt
    1965/6196 2 - 1 vs. Partizan Belgrade
    1997/1998 1 - 0 vs. Juventus
    1999/2000 3 - 0 vs. Valencia
    2001/02 2-1 vs. Bayer 04 Leverkusen

    Super Eropa: 2002
    Interkontinental: 1960, 1998, 2002
    UEFA: 1984/1985: 1985/1986

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