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Lionel Messi = Style Of Play

  • Sunday, October 26, 2014
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  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi was compared to compatriot Diego Maradona, because the style of play and they are very similar stature, more mercurial with the direction of change is more rapid, short stature and strong legs allow him to excel in short bursts of rapid acceleration and pace allows him to remain control the ball while dribbling at speed.

    Former FC Barcelona manager, Pep Guardiola, has stated .: "Messi is the only player who runs faster with the ball than without the ball." Like Maradona, Messi is also a dominant player left foot.

    Messi dribbling often do individuals with a run and scoring goals, especially during the counter-attack scheme, usually starting from the midline, or right field, has been described as a versatile player, with good vision, which is known for its accuracy and the combination of creative game, especially with colleagues Barcelona team as Xavi and Iniesta he is also a set piece specialist accurate and penalty kick taker.

    In connection with his dribbling skills, Maradona said Messi: "keep the ball glued to his leg, I have seen great players in my career, but I've never seen anyone with a ball control like Messi." Maradona stated that he believes that Messi is currently the biggest player in the world.

    Messi played attacking patterns are free and sometimes act as a playmaker, known for finishing, pace, dribbling, balance, positioning, vision and the ability to provide feedback.
    Messi attacking comfortable on either wing or through the middle.

    Messi began his career as a left winger and a striker, but later moved to the right flank by former manager Frank Rijkaard, who realizes that from this position, Messi can penetrate into the infield defense is easier, so that he could release their first shot with his left foot , slightly dominated by crossing the ball to colleagues in the team.

    Lionel messi has recently been playing in the false 9 role under coach Guardiola. This role is characterized by a tendency to appear Messi playing as the main striker, or even as a lone striker, although in the game he would often run back to the more backward position with defenders, creating space for the winger and attacking midfielder to make them run, thus allowing him to provide his teammate passing or provide space for him to start dribbling run, scoring goals or making attacking game.

    With the Argentina national team, Messi usually play anywhere in the front line position. He started as a striker or winger, but also has played in a deeper role, especially under Maradona, over the role of attacking midfielder and playmaker.

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